I LOVE Valentine’s Day.

I know a lot of people feel bad because they don’t have a Valentine but honestly, that is t what Valentine’s is about.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is about love in any shape or form.

When I was a kid, Valentine’s Day was so much fun. It was so much going to school and passing out cards. Let not forget all the candy and goodies! It was a special day full of arts and crafts!

As an adult, I spend every Valentine’s Day filled with love.

I have to work ALL day today but it’s still been a nice day. I have been doing all these fun arts and crafts with the students today and I have been indulging in sweets a little to much.

I got my mamma a heart shaped pizza and my grandma and they were so happy. There big smiles made me happy. I got some very sweet text messages from loved ones too.

Tonight, at my serving job it’s going to be insanely busy but I am ready to make it a fun night full of love and laughter. I want to send that positive energy to all the guest.

So remember the point of Valentine’s Day. It’s not about a date ..:it’s about spreading love. And yes, we all know that we should love people we love everyday and that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be an excuse LOLOL. It’s a day to have fun and spread some joy.

Have a great day!


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