• #265 unreachable dreams

    #265 unreachable dreams

    It is the last Wednesday blog for 2022, and that’s exciting. I’m looking forward to the new year. I love January, even though once upon a time, I didn’t. I learned to appreciate January for its calmness and quiet. Spring is around the corner, And Los Angeles is becoming more beautiful. The mountains turn green,… Read more

  • #264 Winter Recess

    #264 Winter Recess

    It’s officially winter recess! I feel immense joy getting a break from working in educational institutions. For the first time in forever, I feel excited to be off work, don’t get me wrong. I’m always happy during my breaks, but this is different. Usually, during any of my winter, summer, or spring recesses, I give… Read more

  • A memory of my big brother on his 10th death anniversary.

    A memory of my big brother on his 10th death anniversary.

    I will be posting my review tomorrow. Today I am writing a special blog in memory of my brother Yama. It is the 10th anniversary since he passed away. I have written about the experience of his passing and various childhood memories that have stayed with me. Today I want to share a quick memory… Read more

  • #263 what do you think of vulnerability?

    #263 what do you think of vulnerability?

    Seeing my blog get views from different countries, such as Germany, is fantastic! Thank you for being here and for making me feel so special. I wrote an entire Wednesday blog on the topic of “what can I do less of,” but I decided against posting it. It sounded bitter, negative, and repetitive. I want… Read more

  • #262 Do you have the December Blues?

    Decembers are always hard. For me, it is a month of nostalgia for the past year and for previous years. Since the month started, my own mortality has been creeping into my mind. The mortality of the people I hold dear too. Another year has gone by. It is only the first week of December,… Read more

  • #261 the whole 30

    Hello readers, Writing this blog has changed my life in so many ways. It means so much to me that you are all here and reading my words. I consider myself a genuine young lady. I write these words sincerely to all of you every single week. It is a gift to be myself and… Read more