• Yama: Chapter 1

    Yama: Chapter 1

    It was a cold rainy day. I was working as a store manager at a toy shop. It was December 15, 2012, the holiday season was in full swing. We had just survived 12/12/12. You know, the day the world was suppose to end according the the Mayan/Aztecs calendar. But, the world didn’t end for…

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  • Yama: Chapter 2

    Yama: Chapter 2

    The hospital was its own scene. Uncles, Aunts, Grandma, cousins, siblings, and parents of Yama, my eldest brother…crowded up the waiting room. While I was walking in, I ran into Yama’s ex girlfriend of ten years..Hazel. She was by herself. We said hello and I kept walking. Yama was married and it was strange that…

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  • Yama: Chapter 3

    Yama: Chapter 3

    I woke up early the next day and headed to work. I worked inside a mall and the holiday hours were long and dreadful. I think I had to be at work at 6am. It was 12/16/12 and it was my coworker’s birthday. I walked in with balloons and a cake for her. She had…

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  • Yama: Chapter 4

    Yama: Chapter 4

    12/16/12 continued to be a living nightmare. Not the one with the zombies and monster…it was its own version. It started to engrave in my heart..Yama is dead. Yama is dead. Yama is dead. I would escape to my room and turn on my little heater and sit in front of it. The house was…

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  • Yama: Chapter 5

    Yama: Chapter 5

    I woke up the next morning…thinking what a nightmare…then I realized it was reality. Muslims bury the dead quickly like within the same week…or within a couple of days. So Yama’s funeral was on 12/18/12. After the person who passed away is buried, the family holds a prayer at the mosque. The Quran is recited…

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  • Yama: Chapter 6

    Yama: Chapter 6

    Thank you everyone that has been reading the “Yama” entries. It means so much to me. This is a very personal experience and the fact that you are all reading along helps me keep going. I am not going to lie..there was a moment that I did not want to continue because I thought..no one…

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  • Yama: Chapter 7

    Yama: Chapter 7

    Adres, mom and Nazira followed the ambulance to the hospital. Adres called Geeti on his way to the hospital. He was a mess. Geeti heard Adres panicked voice and dropped her clothes that she was going to buy in the middle of TJ MAXX. Adres explained that he tried to save him…”I tried to save…

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  • Yama: Chapter 8

    Yama: Chapter 8

    One December 15, 2020, the first day my brother was in the hospital on life support..I mentioned how his ex girlfriend, Hazel, showed up out of nowhere. We are going to travel back to that day on the 15th. Adres went to the family business and my father came to the hospital. A little while…

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  • Yama: Chapter 9

    Yama: Chapter 9

    Black magic isn’t even something I like to talk about because I strongly believe that we attract positivity and negativity. Black magic is something I do not want to feed into or attract but it is a big part of Yama’s story and I must speak his truth. Yama was about twenty years old, he…

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  • Yama: Chapter 10

    Yama: Chapter 10

    Thank you again for everyone that has been reading the “Yama” series. If you are just getting here then I recommend you scroll down and read “Yama” Part 1. Regardless, thank you for being here from the bottom of my heart. The last five years of Yama’s life were painful for the entire family and…

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