• #275 procrastinated rant

    Okay, I have procrastinated enough on writing tonight’s blog. You must be thinking, why? Don’t you love to write? Isn’t that why you write for the blog in the first place? You are right. I love to write. I love this blog. I just get overwhelmed by my overwhelming mind. I have so much I… Read more

  • #274 shifting through life

    The beauty of life. Who was the first to utter those words? I am sure it wasn’t me. It leads back to anything original anymore? Or, are we living in a world where the same concepts are thrown around in hopes of a different reaction or maybe in hopes of the same response? Have we… Read more

  • #273 garbage

    Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said. Yesterday, I was driving to work, and a thought came into my mind. My mother commented the day before about some women in our extended family. She mentioned that they are very much “Afghani” women and are not trying to act American. I was confused by her comment… Read more

  • #272 under pressure

    Heads up, this blog is EVERYWHERE. Taking the pressure off of myself has been life-changing. I sometimes catch myself putting the pressure back on myself, but I stop myself. I need to train myself and unlearn this bad habit to form new healthy habits. I have an all-or-nothing mentality sometimes. For example, right now, I… Read more

  • #271 tired

    #271 tired

    Hi readers, I am tired but I wanted to post. Here are some photos of this past weekend. It has been a long week. Valentine’s Day seems to be all week this week. It is not easy being a server during these types of holidays. So many people. Urg. It was like 5 hours of… Read more

  • # 270 calm chaos

    My spirit was challenged this weekend. It was a very chaotic weekend. There was so much chaos in my home, and it was fogging up my mind. I want to learn to be at peace even amongst the chaos because this past weekend, I let my mind indulge in it, which was not healthy. It… Read more