The hospital was its own scene.

Uncles, Aunts, Grandma, cousins, siblings, and parents of Yama, my eldest brother…crowded up the waiting room. While I was walking in, I ran into Yama’s ex girlfriend of ten years..Hazel. She was by herself. We said hello and I kept walking. Yama was married and it was strange that his ex girlfriend was here after so many years. At the time, I didn’t think to much about it. But, we will come back to this moment.

So I walked into the waiting room, and the entire family was there. It is crazy that Yama, a person who thought he was broken, was loved by so many.

I said hello to everyone, which means a kiss on everyone’s cheek. My mother looked like her blood pressure was so high. She didn’t say much. She said we will see what happens and that is about it.

I wanted to see my brother. Geeti told me that I shouldn’t go in because it isn’t a pretty sight. But, I wanted too. I wanted to be there with my brother. I walked into the room with her.

He was swollen. He was a skinny man in general but he had blown up like six times his size. His skin was changing colors. He looked inflated like a balloon. I couldn’t take it and I cried. My sister pulled me out of the room and I sat in the waiting room with everyone else. My cousin, Alex ( that’s his American name) that I don’t see very often was there. It is crazy how people show during tragic times that you don’t even expect.

My sister was asking me if I noticed something different about her and I didn’t. Then she pointed out that she cut her hair.

I know you must be thinking why would she want to talk about her hair when her brother is dying. But, in those moments…hair seems simple. Hair seems normal. How are you suppose to act? I am not sure to be honest. I think people have this perception of what you are suppose to me act like but I don’t think that’s real life.

I can’t really remember what else happened that night but we ended up going home. All of us. There was no point in staying in the hospital and visiting hours were coming to an end. But, we all stayed as long as we could. I walked outside a couple of times to get some air. I saw my uncle Azzim, who is the rock of the family, in tears. He was staring out into nothingness. He was in his own thoughts with tears rolling down his face.

Yama was the first child in the family. He was the first grandkid, nephew, son ..etc. So you could imagine how precious he was to everyone..especially the elders. No one told my grandmother. Who could tell a grandmother that her first grandson was on the verge of life or death?

The doctor’s said that he has a ten percent chance of living.

When I went home, my immediate family was all home. We sat in the living room in silence. My second eldest brother, Omar, was suggesting that we move him to a different send him to a more prestige hospital. He was arguing that Yama will survive. The doctors at this hospital are just trying to fool us or make money. This brother is always on some type of rant during bad situations and he isn’t always wrong but I think for this didn’t matter where Yama was.

His organs were shutting down and he was on life support.

The next brought a whole new existence and reality for our family.

Stay tuned.

Stay safe.

To be continued..


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