It is 11pm on a Sunday night and I am sitting on my twin bed with my legs over the blanket so I can feel the cold breeze from my large windows. The breeze hits my legs and makes my toes wiggle. This has always been a sign that warmer nights will be coming soon. It has been a rainy Winter in LA and that is not something we are use to here in Los Angeles. It never gets cold here and I like it that way. I mean rain sometimes is nice but this year it was non stop and I was really missing the sun. My mood changes when I haven’t seen the Sun and it is not a pleasant mood.

My favorite part about Summer has always been the relaxing nights. My family is always complaining about the hotness in the house but it doesn’t bother me. I actually hate when they turn the ac on, it makes me feel so claustrophobic. I prefer having the windows open.

I can hear the crickets outside my windows and the rustling of the leaves. I hear some type of animal occasionally too. We have a raccoon family that likes to visit.

The world is filled with so many beautiful things. Summer nights are beautiful. We have so much to be grateful for. We are alive and we get to smell the nights fresh air or the smell of the grass in the morning after a warm night.

Right now. I just want to enjoy this moment of being able to experience it and I want it to last a while. Life goes by very quickly. That’s what we always hear but do you really understand that? Do you get it? I have always been aware of time.


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