Streaming thoughts
Streaming thoughts
Streaming thoughts

So many ideas. Yet, I can’t focus on one.

Nutella crepes
Nutella crepes strawberries
Nutella crepes strawberries bananas

Cafe white
Cafe white mocha

The rest of my brain is filled with fog
Fog Fog Fog

Steaming fog

A broken heart

The Conjuring 3 poster released
A foggy seen with foggy homes
Made my heart lurch

The arts


The name of the game

Michelle Obama keeps questioning if she is good enough in her book, Becoming.

She constantly repeats the word “Am I good enough?” And then after a long description of why she is good enough she says, “yes I am. “

Guess what Michele…why are you good enough and why am I not?

Is it because I didn’t go to Harvard.

Michele your destined for greatness.

Am I destined for greatness?

Overwhelming and jumbled thoughts


Gibberish all over my body

Gibberish all over my soul


Artist I am

Artist of my soul

Conjure up my veins

Pencil a drawing

Light up a lighter

Burn the paper

I’m not capable of leaving

We deal with the problem for the rest of our lives because we can’t walk away. We are taught to deal with it instead of letting go

Stan and Ollie


My brain run like this.

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