I haven’t blogged in a couple of days but I have been wanting too. It has been on my mind but I just couldn’t get my self to sit and write.

It is Sunday’s night. I lay in my bed listening to a sermon that my friend Karla sent me. She is a Christian and I am a Muslim. Before she sent me this sermon, she made it clear that she isn’t trying to convert me but instead just wanted me to listen to this sermon and its message about life. I always appreciate Karla. She has such a strong faith and I admire how strong her faith is. I also admire how she respects my faith. It is an amazing thing when two people of different faiths are friends and respect each other.

On Friday night, Karla approached me at work ( we work together) and asked me why I am still substituting if I hate it. We didn’t finish the conversation because we got busy. The next day after we worked out, she brought it up again. She asked me about me. She asked me what’s been going on and how I am doing.

This touched my heart. Do you know how rarely people ask each other how they are but like really ask. Not just “how are you”…”I’m good.” Sometimes people are selfish. They don’t mean to be but they are.

I wanted to cry. I was fighting back tears. She is so kind. She has her own problems but she is asking about me. She cares enough to ask. She didn’t have to ask me but she did. God bless her.

The sermon is about depression and rising above it and trusting God to help you get through it.

It is a good sermon.

I watched the Netflix film about Ted Bundy. It depressed me. He was sick. He was such a good liar.

I took an energy drink yesterday by accident yesterday before my workout. I was on this weird high all day yesterday and felt exhausted.

Monday is the first day of Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. My heart is full that I am to observe another Ramadan. For some reason, I feel more excited then other years for Ramadan. My soul needs it. Allah Akbar.

If you don’t know what Ramadan is, it is a holy month where Muslims fast for thirty days. From sunrise till sunset, no food or water.

I have so many fears of the future and fears of the past. But, I need to live now. The present.

I want to feel God in my every movement and I want to take steps that Allah wants me to take.

I feel determined and I feel ready.

Allah Akbar.

Here is a video I was watching.

Here is the sermon Karla shared.


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