Let’s talk about purpose.
I have had this empowering epiphany about life.

I am not sure where this came from. It just happened. I have been writing on this blog how I had moments of extreme depression or sadness because my friend Tracy claims that I am not classified as a depressed person. But I would argue that no one can classify what I feel because no one is me. There shouldn’t be a certain criteria of what a depress person is because everyone’s experience is different. No ones feelings is the same as someone else’s. We might have moments where we can relate but we never know exactly what the other person is feeling. To each their own. But this is my take on it.

I don’t know how to describe what I am feeling and I feel like my words aren’t even enough to describe it. I have been trying to explain it but its just so powerful. This won’t do it justice.

I am going to try and get this out.

We all have an ultimate purpose in life but there is purpose all around us. Everything serves a purpose. My father is a very traditional older man. He can require a lot of patience. HE is in my life to teach me patience with the elderly. My mother is the most patent women in the world. Her purpose is to show us how to be patient with others. Maybe this is why they are my parents? Does this make sense? This is the best way for me to explain what I am trying to say.

Everything has a purpose. Everything. If you look back on your journey so far, you can see those that have come into your life and has served a purpose in your life. This isn’t just with people but with everything thing that comes into your life. A job, a pet, an incident,…everything.

What is our purpose?

I have been trying to find my purpose for so long. Just go back to my first blog, you will see how lost I am. I am constantly questioning what I am going to do. There is a constant anxiety.

But, I have stopped. I realized that I was facing life the wrong way. I spend my entire time worrying.I am worshiping my sorrows. I am so fixed on my worries that I am forgetting to live. I spend ten to twelve hours a day investing in making money. But, how long to I spend worshiping God? My focus is on the wrong thing. Yes, we have to work but are we worshiping money? Every person is a slave to something. A slave to materialistic things, a slave to greed, a slave to our families, a slave to our lovers, a slave to food and so on. And were trying to constantly control these things. But, we can’t. We can reach the highest in our career but what if were not fulfilled? This happens to so many. Drug addicts and Alcoholics always describe an emptiness. They are the slave to substance abuse and they are trying to fill the emptiness with the substance but it doesn’t work. Why?

I have spent the last two months trying to get closer to my religion but I have felt the most difference this past two weeks. Nothing has changed but my perspective on life has changed. My purpose is to let God guide me. And that is exactly what I am going to do.

I am sorry if this post is all over the place. I am just trying to work through my feelings.

Thank you.


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