When I was younger, I didn’t have many toys. My family was not wealthy. Dad was the only provider and he had six kid and a wife. Hence, money was tight. Anyways, this isn’t a post about our difficulties with money lol.

It’s about my imagination. I have never told this to anyone but when I was in elementary school I learned about mind movies. The teacher told her when we read a book, we should have a visual image in our head. But, I started having mind movies all the time whether I was reading or not. Usually, when I would listen to music. I had this habit until I was in high school.

I had a main character too…her name was Joey..inspired by Dawson’s Creek. Sometimes the main character would change if I became a fan of a new female character. But, this character usually represented who I wanted to be. Beautiful, smart, powerful. talented and irresistible. For some reason my mind movies always had dancing and singing involved. Anyways, I know it sounds silly but I was a bit obsessed with my mind movies and I would imagine the story and where it would go next.

It helped me escape reality and be someone else. Someone that no one actually knew which means no judgement. She can do whatever she wants and no one would know. Life could be tough when your young but these mind movies were the highlights of my day. I couldn’t wait to go home and continue the story.

I would put my head phones on and escape to a different world where things were the way I wanted them to be.

Happy Friday.

P.S. Still listening to pina colladas.

God Bless.


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