I remeber being sixteen years old and riding in the back seat of my sister’s car with my best friends or my closest cousins. We would blast the music and sing along loudly. We knew all the lyrics and the sensation I felt was like nothing before. It felt like freedom. I use to love listening to music. I’ve written about it before.

I was reminded of my love for music today. I was in the car with a friend and she always loves to sing. Music is very big for her. So it’s 7:30am and we’re driving back to my house after a work out. I was behind the wheel, she was the DJ. She was singing a bunch of Taylor Swift songs while complaining that her new album sucks. LOL but she still knew all the lyrics to all the song. But she sang her heart out.

I recalled a time when I would sing my heart out. I remembered the freedom I felt but I just don’t feel it anymore when I sing in the car. I don’t feel a lot of things anymore and that’s the sad part about growing up. Things that were once magical become less magical. I miss who I was sometimes. I miss parts of my younger self and it’s shocking to believe that’s who I was. But, somewhere in me teenage frshta lives. And maybe some day things will feel magical again.

The first time I watched Riding in Cars with Boys starring Drew Barrymore, I was confused but I remember the ending.

Drew and her father sang the song “All I have to do is dream” by Paul Anka. But, we use to call it the dream song. I’m pretty sure that’s not the name of the song. My sister and I burned the song onto a cd and we would sing it in the car. Those were the days we dreamed.


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