Multi million dollar sets. A huge lot with so many “filmmakers”….what is the big hurray about it?

Why do so many young souls leave their families to try and break into an industry where twelve hour days are considered a short day. Where budgets are constantly an issue and having a personal life is impossible unless you meet someone with the same exact crazy schedule as you?

I was sitting in a large office in the Johnny Carson building on the NBC Universal lot. The office is pretty big with bright lights. The office production coordinator is eating her yogurt while she talks to herself about some issue. Rumbling and grumbling.

I have been here since 7:30am. I was suppose to come early to open the office doors for the AD and the Producer. Why the fuck couldn’t they just open the door themselves? The key is in the drawer of an open office door across the hall from their office in the same suite. But no, I had to come in just to open the door for them.

All good though. I beat traffic. I got here early and I had a yummy bagel sandwich with avocado and a coffee which I never drink. I smelled the fresh are and tried to have a moment of gratitude. I tried to be present. I am standing on the NBC Universal lot. I have been wanting to be on a lot for a very long time. Experience it. Be grateful. Gratitude.

Thank you Allah with this moment for allowing me to experience something I have always dreamed about. Thank you God for having my back. Thank you God for giving me faith.

I had given up on this industry but there was always a part of me that yearned for it. I wanted to work on the lot and to be around all the movie making magic. If I could just get a job on the lot. If I could just experience that.

Well…here I am. I met a very IMPORTANT man from NBC, who I had to track down. It took almost six months to set up a meet and greet with this person. How I tracked him down? Well, I went back to school for my MA, I met a recruiter on campus from NBC that desperately needed an intern to start ASAP with experience in a specific department. I happen to have that and she was desperate and a new recruiter.

I got the internship. After applying for years. I was finally in. The people at that internship were very kind. Probably the best internship I have had and I have worked at a lot of different spots.

Why did I want to work for this industry so badly? Now, I have lost the fire for it.

To be continued.

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