Hello all,

This is Frshta here. Back at it from the depths of my soul.

I really want to talk about something today that really upsets me.

My brother, Yama, may he rest in peace up in heaven, use to always pay his bills on the phone. But, a lot of the times, he would loose it. He would throw his razor phone against the wall when he would get angry. And these razor phones were very sturdy. No really..they rarely broke.

So you must be wondering why does this person feel so much rage talking on the phone? Is it because he has to pray his bills? I mean that makes everyone upset? I mean..who likes bills.

But, no. He would get upset because of the automatic operator.

I never understood but gosh do I understand now. I fucking understand.

I hate calling any companies because they have this fucking operator. Some dumb-ass robot operator that keeps going on and on.

Press 1 for…

Press 2 for…

They should have an option of press 10 to get the operator to shut the fuck up.

Who the fuck is this robot telling me how to live my life anyways?

Who even created this robot?

I get so upset that if my Iphone didn’t cost as much as it does that I would throw my phone against the wall too.

The worst part is when I keep pressing zero to try to reach a human and then the fucking robot just hangs up on me. Its like she is angry at me…she has no right..I mean she is a robot.

Raise your hand if you think the operator robot should be fired.

I better see all hands up.


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