2019 was a hell of a year for me. Tonight, I spent a lot of time reflecting on this past year. I went through my memory jar and did a twenty questionnaire for 2019. The questions were deep.

When I think of the year as a whole…I just remember the bad. Even today, I spent thirty minute crying because this women was rude to me. That is a story that I don’t even want to get into.

But, honestly, it wasn’t all bad. I had a lot of good moments. I got a new car that I love and literally everyday,I thank God for it. I finished my Master’s degree. I left behind a career that wasn’t for me, which was sad at first, but healing. Why chase something that isn’t for me? That won’t make me happy? So I consider that a blessing. I spent a month fasting and becoming spiritually connected to God. I spent my Summer hiking my favorite trail and loving each moment. I workout consistently three times a week for an entire year. I read some books. I kept up my friendships even if they were tough. I watched a lot of great stuff. Halloween was great. So, a lot of good happened. I started this blog lol.

But, I guess the bad kind of overshadowed all of that. I had a lot of dark days and mental crisis at times. It was very challenging. Some good came out of it and that is my relationship with God became stronger. It has definitely been a year of spiritual growth and for that I am thankful.

The entire decade as a whole was crazy. I graduated high school, got my BA, got my MA. My brother died. New Years was always a blast with him. I thought about him a lot today. I got my first job…then I had a lot of jobs. My ex best friend and I broke up. I got a new best friend. I don’t know..a lot happened and I definitely grew up a lot. I learned a lot about life and what it actually means…the good and the bad.

I guess I have become well rounded and I could give the youth some advice about life now. lol

Happy New Year


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