The roaring twenties….how cliche.

I had some strange dreams tonight.

First, I dreamed about my deceased brother, Yama. He was putting all these scary things in my room and when I woke up I saw them all. I said who did this…and it was him trying to mess with me…I walked to the living room and my house is filled with people….a bunch of my mom’s family from all over the world. It was like my house got bigger. There were so many people. Then my dream changed to the police pulling me over. Every time I woke up the first word in my head was Allah..maybe because I was scared?

I am loving this weather. I missed you sun so much. I want to purchase a shirt that says I love the sun. I am so glad December is over! I might be the only person in the world that hates December. The best part about is that my brother was born that month..he is in Russia right now actually. LOL

I just hate how crowded everything is. The world feels anxious…do you feel what I am saying? The world feels anxious…it’s like there is this timer going tick.tock.tick..tock…its dumb.

The holiday music and the decorations are nice at first but after a while..I miss the normalness of life. I think the problem is that it all starts to early so by the time December comes..I am over it. I hate when people tell me Merry Christmas… I hate how inconsiderate people are…I am probably the Grinch but I have reasoning behind my moods. The days are so short…and the nights are so long. It’s cold…and I eat way to much. I actually gained ten pounds this year.

I love the long days and I love the sun. I love when everything is green and beautiful and the air smells fresh. I am a true LA girl. I don’t do the cold very well. I don’t even like wearing sweaters…lol

Moving on, Trump killed Iran’s head general…I hope there isn’t a war now. Iran wants revenge. Gas prices will be raised too now. So many innocent people are going to die.

I am trying to wake up for 6am prayers. So God help me.


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