Positivity Monday

Can I make this a thing? Write a post that revolves around positivity? I will try.

I am listening to a sermon about focus.

What you put your focus towards will grow.

If you put your focus on negativity then the negativity will grow.

Do you have those friends that no matter what good they have..they only see the bad?

They can be rich but still all they see is the bad.

When I heard this, I already had one person in mind who is always negative. Who is always looking at the bad. Instead of thinking..well, at least the glass is half full…instead she will say..oh no..the glass is only half full.

That person is me. I have a very negative mindset and I have been activity working on this for a while. And I can truly say that I have been doing better.

Since I have been practicing this better mindset life.. somedays..I feel ..nothing..but that isn’t bad. I don’t mean nothing like I am sad..I mean that I am not thinking anything bad or good. I am just there. It’s like I have nothing to think about..where usually I am thinking about a hundred things. And it feels weird to not think..it feels weird to just live. I have to get use to it. In the past, my mind won’t stop and it keeps going. People that focus on negativity have high levels of anxiety. Guess what? I have really bad anxiety! LOL

Again, I am working on all of this. Sometimes I feel like I have to much to work on and I get overwhelmed and then I don’t do anything.

I do have some exciting things I want to do pursue. I need to keep my anxiety on check because I get super excited then I fall deep into overwhelmingness…like this isn’t going to happen..who am I kidding..like that.

So I have decided to make short term goals. Whenever I was at school, although I was stressed.. I still felt happy to have something to do. I enjoyed going to class and doing my homework.

So, I am giving myself homework for each week and things I need to work on. Then I will try to divide it up by giving myself daily tasks. Sometimes it is nice to wake to doing nothing but sometimes I feel useless especially when there is so much I could be doing. Make sense?

This post has my mind everywhere..it is kind of how I feel right now..lol I can’t focus.

It is Monday, I better put together my homework for this week.

Anyways, my point BE POSITIVE!!!

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