Yesterday, I started writing a post about the gift I think God has given me, my voice. I ended up not posting it because I had no idea what my point was or where the post was going. Today, while my friend and I drove in the car, she asked me what I thought was her gift to the world. I don’t remember exactly what she said but that was basically what she meant. She used the word calling, and asked what I thought was her calling. I will not say her name to protect her privacy because I think this was something she wanted to be kept private. But, I was honored that someone would ask me such a big question and felt that I could answer it.

Anyways, it is weird that she brought this up because I was thinking of the same thing yesterday. What am I good at and what is my gift? I thought my gift was my voice because through my voice I am able to make connections with people and these connections are special. I have created some amazing friendships with people.

Unfortunately, not everyone deserves your connection and I have learned that the hard way, One of my friends always tells me, “Frshta, you have a way of making me tell you everything.”

I have even heard this from strangers and classmates. I didn’t really understand why I made them feel that way but I felt honored and special that I could be that person for them. That I am special enough for them to share something so personal. One friend said, it scary how open I am with you and I just met you. I think it goes back to being an emphatic person. I wrote a whole post about this. Basically, I feel people’s emotions.

BTW it is such a beautiful day. Thank you Allah.

I guess that is my gift. I actually love my gift. But, I do hold back more than before. As I have gotten older, I have become scared of people. I am happy with my small circle and they are all people I have known for a long time. At this point we are family and I love them with my soul. I pray for them every time I pray and their pain is my pain.

Since I have kind of closed myself off from people for the sake of protecting myself and my soul, I do feel that a lot of the new people around me don’t recognize this gift. But, I don’t think you have to necessarily know me to know this about me. What I am trying to say is I don’t open myself up a lot anymore hence I am not using my gift. Please don’t say that I shouldn’t close myself off LOL because I am with the way I am now. It is better.

You might think this is crazy and I don’t even know if I believe myself lol.

Also, I wanted to pray for Australia and the beautiful animals that have lost their lives. Today, when I prayed, I asked God to help them because animals are such a precious gift from God.

Have a beautiful day and try to identify what your gift is?


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