Black magic isn’t even something I like to talk about because I strongly believe that we attract positivity and negativity. Black magic is something I do not want to feed into or attract but it is a big part of Yama’s story and I must speak his truth.

Yama was about twenty years old, he was dating a Persian girl name Tanaz. It was his first love and he wanted to marry her. They were young and in love but it didn’t work out. Tanaz’s parents did not want their daughter to marry an Afghani man and they were Shia Muslim, My family is Sunni Muslims.

You can only imagine how hurt my brother was. Do you remember your first love and how much it hurt when you had to face the reality that your love/best friend will not be apart of your life anymore. You have to go on without them and you have no choice.

Yama was handsome, and had a good career ahead of him. He studied X-ray technician and was making quite a reputation for himself as a very talent X-Ray technician. He was a good person with a kind and sensitive heart and I think that’s what killed him.

He was broken and his dreams were shattered. That is the problem when you love someone to much. That person becomes your world and that isn’t healthy whether you are married or whatever. Things happen in life and you can’t be so attached that if that person isn’t there….you can’t breathe.

Once they broke up, he spent a lot of time being depressed but he still went to work and he hid his emotions from all of us. His best friend/co worker, Melissa, told him to come see her psychic. Melissa convinced him even though it is against our Muslim beliefs to go to a psychic.

In Islam, it is said that black magic exists but it is forbidden. I have written a blog about Harut and Marut, the two angels that came down during the time of Sulaymân (Soloman) in Babylon. Anyways, even psychics are said to be in cahoots with the devil. Now maybe some people are naturally gifted and I am not really referring to those folks. It is a very complicated topic but the bottom lines STAY AWAY FROM THOSE THAT MEDDLE IN BLACK MAGIC.

So, Yama went behind my mothers back and went to see this psychic. The psychic said some dark things to Yama.

She said, “Yama, you have been cursed and it is a very strong curse. One that might never be broken. A lady from afar has cursed you. She is short with long hard. This curse will be deadly for you. It will get to the point that something will take over you and you have no control..whatever this might…with take you life…it will kill you in your early thirties. Everyone you love will run from you because of this curse. It is not only you but your mother as well who has been cursed. If you want it to stop, you must sacrifice a rooster and bury its body in the dessert.”

Yama and Melissa stared at her.

Yama went home and confessed to my mom about the psychic. My mom said Yama looked scared and panicked. Mom yelled at him and said never go to those people instead put your faith in God.

I am not sure if he had a rooster sacrificed or not. But, what the psychic said was true. In the last years of his life, no one wanted to be around him because he was always drunk.

It wasn’t the last time he went to see someone about the curse. When he went to Afghanistan, my Uncle Karim, wanted Yama to visit a Muslim priest. My Uncle Karim had been to this Muslim priest before and he showed him a photo of Yama. The priest felt that Yama needed to be prayed on. In Afghanistan, there a lot of priest that help those that have been a cursed. It is common to go to the priest and for them to read a prayer from the Quran that could potentially free you. It is like when someone is possessed and you go to a priest to do an exorcism. Yama refused to go. At this point, he was so deep into his addiction that something kept him away from going to the priest. Was it the power of the curse? Or was it just simply a man who was suffering from an addiction disease? There was more to this incident but I can’t remember it all but I will ask my mom about it.

My Aunt Fahima called her priest in Germany and asked about her nephew, Yama. She sent a photo and his date of birth. The priest said, he is already dead..there is no saving him.

My brother Adres was at the family business one day about a year before Yama died. A man came into the store who looked very red. Adres describes him as a man that was taken over by an entity or drugs. The man look at Adres and said give me a sheet of paper and a pen. He drew something that didn’t make sense to Adres. He told Adres…you are four brothers but one is dying. Adres had never seen this man before in his life and after that day, he never saw him again. He simply said that to Adres and left.

Is this all a coincidence? or was someone else behind all of this?

I do believe that we attract things. Maybe Yama was so focused on what that psychic told him that he made it a reality without even knowing. Maybe he attracted it?

I know this might all sound crazy but I ask you to keep an open mind. There are thing in this world that are explainable.

To be continued


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