One December 15, 2020, the first day my brother was in the hospital on life support..I mentioned how his ex girlfriend, Hazel, showed up out of nowhere.

We are going to travel back to that day on the 15th.

Adres went to the family business and my father came to the hospital. A little while day, Geeti gets a phone call from Adres.

Adres said, “Geeti, the strangest thing just happened and I have no idea how to feel”

Geeti said, “What happened”

Adres said, “Hazel just walked into the store looking for Yama. She was eating next door and dropped in to say hi to Yama. She was with this scary looking women….and Hazel was carrying a stuffed animal with her. She said Yama had given it to her…I told her he was in the hospital and he is dying..”

Geeti said, “What ? Are you serious”

Yama and Hazel had been broken up for two or more years. It was a bad break up. They had been dating for almost ten years but it didn’t work out. Hazel was in her late thirties with three kids and Yama was in his mid twenties I think. She was a beautiful women from Costa Rica.

My family did not feel like she was right for Yama. First, they argues that she had three kids, second, she was not Muslim, Third she was not the same culture as us and so on. The list is very long but I think those are the main reasons. At some point, my mom told him to just do whatever he wants and not to listen to the family. She said if you want to marry her then go ahead. But, he didn’t marry her. Instead, he went to Afghanistan with my Uncle Karim and got married in two weeks to Nazira in an arranged marriage. It was shocking because he went o Afghanistan to clear his mind and sober up but instead he got married.

That was the end of Hazel and Yama for the most part. They still kept in contact but not to much. They were having problems before he even got married. I think they had ended it before he had left. But, the truth will always be between those two.

My mom was in the room with Yama when Hazel walked into his room. My mom’s eyes were shocked to see her there. She whispered to Geeti in Farsi..”what is she doing here.” Geeti was not going to allow her to see my brother but Hazel kept insisting. So, my brother Omar allowed her to go into the room. Geeti said, that Hazel walked into the room and whispered something into Yama’s ear. Then she got up and left. That is when I walked into the hospital and I ran into Hazel. My mom asked me if I saw a women with her and I said no. My mom described the women as a scary lady…she said she looked like a women who does witch craft.

Hazel showed up to his hospital and the funeral with the same stuffed animal in her purse. She was showing the stuffed animal off to everyone. Apparently, Yama bought her that stuffed animal.

I know what you are thinking…that it can’t be true..that she had nothing to do with his death.

But, what are the chances that she shows up right when he is on the verge of dying with a doll and a spooky looking women.

When my family and I put this all together..I felt my bones shiver and goosebumps were all over my body. Was she responsible for his death? Did she some type of black magic to take revenge on him?

I will never know honestly, some days I think…maybe it was true love and that’s why she showed up…but other days… I feel the darkness around the entire situation.

But, the story doesn’t stop there.

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