Omar and Yama had a complicated relationship and I still don’t know why. They grew up together and only had two years apart. Omar was never the school type instead he was the lets make money type. Yama graduated high school and got a job at the 99cents store at the age seventeen. He went to a trade school for X-ray technician. Omar dropped out of school and got his GED and spent his teenage years driving my parents crazy and being a corrupt teenager. Eventually, Omar went to X-Ray technician school too but he hated it. He wanted to go into the liquor business because that is what our uncles did and they made money. Yama and Omar decided to look for a business together even though Yama had a great job. They didn’t really get along, so I don’t know what compelled them to conjure up an idea that would have them working together as partners. I mean they couldn’t even share their homing pigeons. Yama built his own bird coop away from Omar’s bird coop because they couldn’t share.

Regardless, they found a liquor store for $95,000. They were going to put down some money together and take a loan out on the house. Dad will finally be able to quit his job of twenty years at the gas station and have his own business with his boys. But, of course that did not happen because the night before they were going to go to escrow, the brothers got into a huge fight. The fight was over scheduling. Dad was going to wait to quit his job until the store started bringing in a profit. Yama was going to stay at his job and come to the store at night after work. Omar was going to work the morning shift until Yama got there. Yama would not be off work until 6pm and he wanted Saturdays off. Omar refused because he did not think these hours were fair. They got into a huge fight and Yama said forget it. He backed out of the business and left the house. The next day, Omar decided to purchase the store with Uncle Karim. Omar was going to put down $10,000 and Uncle Karim was going to pay for the rest. Uncle Wise was in the midst of this agreement too but in the end Uncle Karim and Omar owned the business. Yama was heart broken and that is when the rift of competitive brothers turned into a life long issue.

When Yama started drinking more…the arguments between them got worse. One time Omar and Hasib came home at night and yelled at Yama and started to hit him. They told him to stop drinking and that he needed to go to the hospital to get help. I could never forget that night. Yama was fragile and weak from his alcoholism. It was heartbreaking and I know Omar meant well but that wasn’t the way to do it. I guess he was frustrated because he wouldn’t listen. We called the ambulance and they refused to take Yama because Yama said he is perfectly fine. The ambulance will not take someone by force.

Omar and Yama would drink together and that became an even bigger mess. They resented each other and there were many people in the entire family that love this drama. Just because we are called family doesn’t mean that everyone wants the best for you. A lot of people would egg them both on against each other.

Omar flew out to Yama’s wedding too but even there..they didn’t get along.

They were always very different. Omar has a completely different personality from Yama. The only things they had in common was their love of pigeons and alcohol.

Once Yama died…Omar didn’t handle it well. He still isn’t. It really messed him up. The first few months…we could hear him screaming at night and crying. He kept saying that he should go with him because they grew up together.

I think what hurts Omar the most is that they never fixed their problems. In the end, they still loved each other. Everyone has problems…all families do…I wish Omar would forgive himself and allow himself to heal and just learn from the mistake. But, at the same time…we should appreciate each other while we have one another around because were all going to die one day. They didn’t appreciate each other and they spent their time together fighting. They were both wrong in a lot of ways. But, Omar wasn’t the only one that had issues with Yama.

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