Geeti and Yama grew close towards the end of his life but it wasn’t always like that. They had a lot of issues growing up because Yama was that protective older brother and so was Omar. Geeti was the first girl in our family and she had a very tough time. My family was use to a different life in Afghanistan and they expected their daughter to behave a certain way. Although Yama and Omar grew up in America, they still had that mindset very much.

So Yama and Geeti spent many years not getting along. But, when Yama started getting sick from alcoholism…Geeti took care of all his medical stuff.

Before we found out that Yama was an alcoholic…we thought he was a drug addict because of the way he would act. She took him to the doctor and did all of his tests. There was no drugs but instead it was just alcohol. That was a relief but we didn’t realize how bad it was going to get.

Geeti tried to console him but he didn’t listen. She took him to Olive View Hospital to get him detoxed. She was the one that convinced him and she spent nights sleeping in the hospital with him so that my mom didn’t have too. He went to Olive View three times and she was the one that took him. She took Nazira to the doctor when he couldn’t. She fixed up his condo for him. She spent time with him during his last years and tried to help him.

Geeti did not get along with Hazel but one night Hazel called Geeti and said Yama is drunk and he is acting suicidal. Geeti called Yama tried to come him down. Although she hated Hazel and had problems with Yama…she still tried to help him out of depression.

The worst part is that they had a lot of issues and I will not get into them because its just to much. But, in the end, she truly tried to save him.

Before they pulled him off life support, she sat with him and cried her heart out. She told him everything she had too.

After he died, she took care of all of his finances and did whatever my mom asked her to do. She helped with all of the prayer nights and was really a pillar during for my my parents.

Once things settled down after Yama died, Geeti went to his condo and cleared out his apartment. She packed up all of his clothes and donated it. She left a few for all of us to keep but she donated most of it. She sold all of his furniture that she had help pick out. I don’t know how she did it. But, someone had to do it…and she knew our parents were in no position to do it. She stepped up and took care of everything. She always says that it was really hard going through Yama’s things. It was even harder donating them.

She is at peace with his death for the most part. She always says…that he did it to himself. Geeti works with cancer patients. She always says that she sees people fighting for their lives but then there are people like Yama who choose to do this to themselves. I don’t agree with her because I truly believe alcoholism is a disease.

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