Adres was always angry with Yama for being an alcoholic.

When Hasib left the liquor store to go with Omar…Adres stayed with Yama for a while and helped out. But, eventually, Adres left to help Omar open up another liquor store. That store ended badly and when Yama got sick…Adres came back to help him. He worked seven days a week from 4pm to closing at the store. He told Yama to not come back until he got better but of course he didn’t listen.

Adres has a bad temper and all he could do was get angry at Yama for ruining his life.

Adres was born on 12/31…he was the New Years baby. For many years, Yama would throw a new years/birthday party for Adres and the family. Those were some good memories. When Adres was a teenager, Yama would always give him advice on teenage stuff.

Yama’s death changed him.

We were all born Muslim but we didn’t all practice. But, after Yama died…Adres found Allah(God) again. He became a different person.

Adres will never forget givinga Yama CPR or holding his dead body in his arms….telling him to wake up.

Adres became my roommate for the first forty nights after Yama died.

Adres had moved into Yama’s bedroom after he had moved out. But, my mom..being superstitious didn’t want Adres to sleep there. Just in case Yama’s ghost comes to visit.

When Adres got engaged, he cried the entire night. He couldn’t even walk into the door without breaking down. The reason for that was because his big brother wasn’t there. Omar hugged him and said its okay…you still have me but Adres wasn’t the only one to feel the void.

We all felt it. Yama loved family events and it was the first event since he had died. Luckily, Yama had met Julia, Adres’s wife, before he had died. Yama actually told Nazira that Adres will marry Julia way before Adres knew himself.


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