Hasib worked with Yama at the liquor store. But, Hasib wanted more and decided to work with Omar once he had opened up his business. Yama was always a little hurt that Hasib left him for Omar.

They didn’t have much a relationship once they were adults. It really sucks that one we become adults…we forget how to love and be kind.

We all flew out to Canada for Hasib’s engagement. His bride lived in Canada. Yama was so happy. He went to Zales Jewelry store and bought Hasib’s wife a beautiful diamond necklace. While he was there, he bought Geeti and I gifts too. I am really glad he did because I will have that gift from him forever.

Yama cried when he watched Hasib walk down the isle during his engagement party in Canada. He did not drink for any of those gatherings because he did not want to embarrass Hasib. He wanted to be sober and to be his big brother. If you watch the engagement video…you will see Yama trying to put the necklace on his new sister n law, Mora. But, his hands were shaking from not drinking and he couldn’t do it. It broke my heart.

Yama didn’t attend Hasib’s wedding in Canada and it really depressed him. He didn’t go because his wife couldn’t go. Nazira had restricts on her green card and he didn’t want to leave her alone at home. Especially because everyone else in the family attended the wedding. So Yama and Omar stayed behind to run the two liquor stores. Oh..those two argued while we were all away because they got drunk. Omar called his wife a man.

Yama loved re-watching Hasib’s engagement video. On the day he died, he put on the video and was watching it before he had his heart stopped.

Nazira said that Yama missed all of his siblings and cousins. So he would re-watch the video so he could see all of our faces.

When Yama died…Hasib wouldn’t be able to sleep all night. He would spend his nights roaming the streets and crying. He didn’t even like staying at his own apartment because on the first night of Yama’s death…Hasib’s lights in his home would flicker. He eventually went back to his apartment.


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