Yama and mom had a very special relationship.

They were best friends and had this deep bond like no other.

My mom will never understand why Yama had such a sad fate.

Yama helped her with everything…like I mentioned before…even going to the gynecologist

Yama consoled my mom about everything..even when he moved out…he stayed close.

But, by the end of his life..he became someone else…and it broke my mom’s heart.

When Yama got his first job, he purchased my mom a ring on mother’s day. Every year after that, he would buy my mom a ring that was just a little bit bigger.

One mother’s day, he brought a giant box home…and he gave it to my mom to open. There were boxes and boxes inside of it until she got to the last small box and there was a ring inside of it.

He would take my mom out on little dates. They would go out for dinner and have ice cream afterwards.

After Yama died, my mom grieved for a long time.

She went into menopause and stopped dying her hair. She didn’t attend any events for an entire year. It was part of the grieving process for her.

Nazira moved in with us after Yama passed and my mom said that every time she saw her face…all she saw was Yama.

It was hard for her to live with Nazira because she was a constant reminder.

I remember Geeti having a serious conversation with my mom after Yama’s death. Geeti said, “mom, Yama is gone…we can’t do anything about it …but you need to harden your heart and take care of yourself..”

Mom would look at his photo and cry. She kept saying “my son..you left me..”

She would visit his grave…and cry for hours.

I would tell her to stay strong and she would say…I miss him. What can you say to a grieving mother who misses her son? Nothing.

I don’t know what was more painful for me…losing my brother or watching my mom lose her son.

My mom listened and did her best.

But, there were times where my mom didn’t even know what to do with herself. All we could do was spend time with her and make sure she feels loved.

A while later, I told my mom that she needs to be a little selfish and worry about herself. Because there are times where all she does is worry about her kids. Kids will be kids. They just do whatever they want.

I love my mom. She is honestly one of the best people I know. I am so blessed. she didn’t deserve to lose her son. But, she is doing a lot better now. Her faith has kept her going.

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