I can’t believe quarantine has last so long.

Today, I listened to this song called Ghengis Khan in the car. The first time I heard this song was the first week of quarantine. My sister and I loved the music video and were trying to learn the dance moves. That feels like such a long time ago but it was less than two months ago.

It was the week of March 7, I remember being at my substitute job and all these parents kept calling and asking questions about how the school is handling the situation with covid19.

At the time, it felt so unreal that all of this was happening and a closure seemed completely out of the picture.

There was less kids each day at school. The kids also came up with the corona virus game. It was ridiculous.

But, as the week went on…each day the panic got worse. It was Friday, when the school district announced its closure for two weeks. It was shocking for me and I felt a little panicked because that’s loss of income for two weeks. At the time, I didn’t really understand the scope of the virus.

That weekend it was cloudy and rainy. It felt like the world was crumbling now. I kept checking the news and the numbers kept rising for confirmed cases.

Then, the governor announced the closer of all nonessential business. I work as a server for my second job … so that meant I lost my second job as well.

The thought of being stuck at home was even more terrifying lol and no gyms either. The toilet paper situation was the strangest thing of it all.

I went on a couple of hikes. Watched some movies. But, two weeks went by and the closure was extended.

Now here we are… weeks later …and the stay at home order has become the new normal. Face masks have become a common fashion trend as well. There is no traffic in LA and life is different.

Luckily, I still have an income and I am working again at the restaurant for take out. The school district has also been taking care of the substitute thanks to our badass union. I have been training for online teaching and it’s not the easiest thing. Even takeout and delivery is a whole new world but it’s nice to get out of the house and see what the world is up too. I have even signed up for instacart even though I haven’t done it much.

The sun is shining and the days are long and warm which I am so grateful for.

Ramadan started last week so I have been observing the 30 day fast from sunrise to sunset. I have been waking up at 4am for breakfast and prayer(usually). Then I go back to bed …at least I try but I get up like ten times to pee from all the water. I break my fast at 7:35 and each day the fast gets a little longer since the days are getting longer. I have been trying to read the Quran more too which is a nice feeling.

There are moments where I feel so long and I just ask God for guidance and to please show me the way. But, there are other times where I feel like I am not worthy but I’m doing my best.

The month of Ramadan is such a special month. My mom cooks a beautiful meal every night and it just has a nice feeling to it.

Unfortunately, I lack energy for hobbys so I have been watching a lot of tv. I just finished Atypical.

I’ve been trying to get creative and work out too during Ramadan. So every night I try to do some type of movement.

Oh I have been reading Little Women too. I don’t love it lol.

Also, all the propaganda out there is insane.

I guess that’s my life update. Lol I hope everyone is doing well! Hopefully this will all be over soon and we can start going out again. I am curious to see how our new normal will look like. It’s craY to think that if we survive this …it will be in the history books someday.

Oh and I got a stuffed giraffe. 🦒

I pray that Allah helps all her through this. I pray for the safety of all my loved ones…friends…family …I pray for the world. God please have mercy on us and help us with winning against this virus. Amen.

Allah knows best. ❤️


2 thoughts on “#148 life update

  1. It’s true that we are living something unique in history, but nothing last for ever, it’s just a period and things gonna back to normal, keep it up.

    And Ramadan Kareem to you.

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