Dear Hillary Clinton,

I know you will probably never read this letter, yet I still wanted to write to you. Maybe some day you will come across this casual ramble even though you probably get so many letters.

How did you handle being bullied by Donald Trump? How did America choose a President that treats women like an object? HE disrespected you and so many other women yet he wins. Is that not a slap in our face? Men still win. Of course many argue that emotions need to be taken out and we need to elect the best man or women for the job. But, was Trump really the best person if he represents all the bad in America? Its heart breaking.

Hillary, you traveled the world in the 90s and started a movement…”women’s rights are human rights…human rights are women’s rights.” In your speech to the world about women’s rights…you spoke about topics that I care about tremendously…yet there is nothing I can do.

My family is from Afghanistan. I have heard so many stories about girls having to marry their rapist because he stole her virginity, so she has to marry him. Beating women is common. Women don’t have access to education or basic rights. Hillary, this isn’t Islam, this is culture. Afghanistan isn’t the only country that deals with these type of issues..there are many place in the world that disrespect women. And you know what the sad part is? These women don’t think anything is wrong. They don’t even realize that they are being abused. That there is more to life then what a man expects from you. They don’t dream Hillary. They don’t even know what that is.

You were in front of the public eye and you were humiliated by your husband’s cheating scandal.

You have gone through so much. I don’t know how you survived. But, your a politician. Your a badass women. You are strength. I am not surprised that you are so strong because most women are.

I cried when you lost to Donal Trump. I cried when I watched your documentary because I know you aren’t perfect Hillary…no one is…but you were genuine in so many ways that Trump isn’t.

I always have better words for my blogs during a moment of inspiration but when I actually sit down and try to write’s not there anymore.

Hillary, you inspire me and if things were different for me…I might have studied law. I wish I could have your ambition and clarity. Your goals are so clear to you. I wish my goals were clear to me. I wish I could talk to you and get some advice because man, guidance is much needed in my life. I wish I knew how to get involved in women’s rights movements…like more than what the internet could tell me…I’ve been fighting for women’s rights my whole life…and I would love to help other girls.

I know there is only one of you and you can only do so much but I thank you for going out their and visiting those less fortunate.

My greatest fear in life is waking up one day full of regret. I think your story has pushed me just a little toward letting go of fear.

Thank you.



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