Every time the news airs the clip on how George Floyd was murdered I have to look away. It hurts to much to watch. Tonight the clip came on as I was watching the news with my family. I could hear George struggling and I wanted to cry. It’s not fair that he was killed. Those cops are heartless assholes. Like, there aren’t any words to describe this incident honestly.

It’s even more annoying when I turn on social media and all these celebrities are commenting on the incident. I know they are showing their support but at the same time…words aren’t doing any good. There needs to be change and change starts at home. How we raise our kids. Get rid of the fucking stereotypes. Just love and be kind.

I am not black. I will never understand how it feels to be black. It sucks that black people have to teach their kids how to behave when a cop stops them. Why?? They are human just like everyone else. What right does anyone have to kill someone? And the news is trying to make George the criminal by saying he had drugs in his system and he gave a fake check…like wtf….even if all of that was true…who gave you the right to murder? who?

Tonight, my city is under curfew…my friends were out protesting and our small business have been harmed…I am not really concerned about the big box stores to be honest. My city is hurting. The family of Floyd is hurting.

Lets not forget Amad Aubrey. R.I.P

When I saw the video of Floyd…I thought what if that was someone I love and care for..fuck….it hurts. I pray that Floyd’s family finds peace. I know they are upset about the violence but hopefully it dies down.

As for the violence, I really can’t say much other than people are angry but at the same time…I don’t know what the intention of those looting is…is it revenge for the death of Floyd or is it just to steal? I don’t know.

Our streets are filled with cops and fire fighters and no one is safe. Business are being board up and closing. The worst part is that COVID19 is still alive and out there.

When I was in college for my BA, I took a course with James Lawson…GOOGLE HIM..he was a civil rights activist with MLK. He spoke about peaceful protest and what Martin taught him. I learned so much from this man. He brought up history from all over the world and how peaceful protest is key. Gandhi was the bases of his ideology. Fight hate with love. I have never forgotten his teachings and I kept the textbook from that class. It is sitting on a shelf in my room. So friends, lets pray for change and a peaceful protest. Again, racism must end in your heart before it can end for the world.Start with yourself.

I pray that God helps us all and to bring peace to all of us.

As a Muslim, I am taught to love no matter what the color of your skin is. So I stand with BLACK LIVES MATTER. But, what are we Muslims doing to make black folks feel loved? What can we do to bring change?? These might be uncomfortable conversation but they must happen if we want change.

God help us. Have mercy on us. Please stay safe.


P.S. I am sorry if say anything offensive…I just wanted to come on here and show my support. #BLM

R.I.P George Floyd

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