A knock on the door and a hobbit hole.

A grey bearded wizard appears by the name of Gandalf the Grey.

With a walking stick and a mighty tan.

Subtle music in the background making me sleepy.

I look around and there is Sam the Wise in his brown cape hiding in a corner. Merry standing next to me but Pippen was missing.

Merry explained that Pippen decided not to attend.

There we were in the pretty hobbit hole with beautiful green leaves all around and vines as long as Gandalf’s beard.

A beautiful sign made by Merry was the finishing touch!

The irony of it all is that Gandalf wasn’t smoking his pipe or sipping on red wine.

Instead he preferred a cold glass of coca cola.

There was Elvish bread but to my surprise they weren’t really Elvish bread. Gandalf put a type of magic on the bread to turn into my favorite snacks, which is Hot Cheetos, brownies, and Swedish fish!

There was Chinese food, which is a new food item in the Shire and hot drinks.

There was a small reunion of the fellowship…even Gimley showed up!

Then we played a game…a riddle game, which I was surprisingly good at.

A yummy cheesecake was served for second supper and our bellies were quite full.

Lets not forget the gifts!

The best gift of all was when Gandalf sang Frodo a special song.

Oh what a magical Lord of the Rings party it was.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love you Gandalf.


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