A tired sailor is heading into an immensely dark night through the Atlantic Ocean. The rest of the crew is fast asleep as he stays up, steering wheel. The captain never checks up on the night crew which was a relief because John has been know for dosing off on the job. Tonight, he sips on his black coffee. John notices how black the coffee is then looks out to sea and notices how the coffee and the see look the same. Terrifyingly black. John think about all the people that consume black coffee every single day without a terrifying thought but what if the black coffee is surrounding you from all sides and it has the ability to kill you. What would you do? Would you ever drink that coffee again? Or, what if there is something looming in your cup of coffee. Something evil and vicious that will make your spine tingle. John put the coffee down and stared out into the amiss. The sky was filled with bright stars but still the darkness of the water was overwhelming and contagious and it felt like it was never going to stop being dark. John wondered how fish see at night. Do they just sleep?

As the night went on, John noticed a light in the water. It wasn’t a boat light instead it was a light flickering up in down. It was jumping in the water and then jumping out. It was coming closer to the ship. John was becoming uncomfortable. What could it be? It looked like a light bulb flickering on and off. He moved closer to the edge of the ship to get a better look. He squinted his eyes. What is it?


……………..John stepped back from the edge because he felt like the light was dragging him into the water but he couldn’t help it. Just as he stepped back, he stepped back forward. He put his leg over the rail and then the other. His back was to the light so he turned around slowly. He couldn’t help it. He knew it was dangerous but the light…what is the light….its calling him and he must get to it.

Can you guess what happened next?

John had a manic look in his eye. He was becoming a madman.

John jumps and starts swimming to the light.

From a distance we see John get to the light and he vanishes and so does the light.



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