“Verily, everything has two ends and a middle. If you hold one of the ends, the other will be skewed. If you hold the middle, the two ends will be balanced. You must seek the middle ground in all things.”

There has been a recurring theme in my life the last couple of days, balance. The universe continuously is showing signs of my need to balance my life. Do you ever feel the universe is sending you a message? Last week, I thought about my next blog topic and the word balance popped in my head. Then I kept seeing the word balance in different settings. I would hear it on the radio, or while I watched tv or in a book.
At the same time, I did not feel like I had the right to write about balance because I have not mastered it myself. Still, I decided to give it a stab.

I pondered about the universe. Is it balanced? Yes, it is perfectly balanced. If one thing falls out of place, the universe would cease to exist. The planets in our solar system orbit around the Sun in a perfectly balanced formation. When the Sun dies, the planets with be sucked into the Sun’s orbit and that’s it.

There are so many signs of balance around us but we don’t even notice it. Nature wants us to be balanced. The Sun and Moon are also other examples.

Yoga makes me think of balance. It is challenging to accomplish a position if you are not perfectly balanced.

My life is pretty unbalanced but it feels so good when I feel slightly balanced in my mental health or in my work-life balance. I feel at peace. Everyone has their version of balance. Personally, work-life balance is important to me. I don’t think my job should be my life instead it should be a part of my life.

Personally, relationships in any form need balance. Ever felt like you had a one-sided relationship? You’re always texting first, or asking to hang out, yet the other person never reaches out first. They might always respond but wouldn’t it be nice if they reached out sometimes? I have been guilty of always reaching out to friends first in the past. Consequently, it had made me an insecure person. I felt like if I didn’t reach out then there would be no friendship. I have worked on myself throughout the years and I have learned that if the friendship is not balanced then it isn’t a healthy relationship. It is okay if that person isn’t in your life and I have learned my worth.

When your hormones are imbalances, what happens? From experience, I become depressed or I break out with a bunch of pimples.

Balance shows you if something is working or not. Think about it. Think of something that has been bothering you. Is it truly balanced? Are you making time for yourself or are your obligations taking over?

Personally, I am working on my own personal balance. I think balance is something we constantly have to keep in check but once we have a handle on it..it will be as easy as riding a bike. Still, it has its challenges. I enjoy meditation, prayer, fasting, and spending time in nature. Those are times I feel connected to God and to nature. It reminds me of my ultimate purpose. Thus, I need to implement more of this in my life to heal my past traumas and be the best version of myself. I started adding one of 5 daily prayers to my everyday routine and it made a difference.

Also, I have to find balance in spending time with all my pets. LOL

There is so much to balance and I have barely scratched the surface. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!

Happy Wednesday and have a beautiful day.

As always, thanks for reading.


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