The Palm Coffee Bar by Joanna Teresa Heart

There is nothing like women who support each other.

Especially when there is this giant world that is constantly telling women to sit down and shut up or pushing them against each other.

I want to highlight someone very dear to me this week especially since we just had Women’s day.

Joanna Teresa Heart.

Isn’t that a gorgeous name?

Her last name is Heart and gosh, she has such a huge heart.

It was a beautiful day in Burbank, California.

I was roaming around one of my favorite places in Burbank. It’s an entire area full of fun shops. There is the Halloween stores that just get you into the Halloween spirit. There are three year round Halloween stores and the aesthetic is amazing.

There is Blast from the Past, a huge collectible store. Right outside the shop, there is a giant mural of Back to the Future and they just added a new one! The owner is this jolly husband and wife, who always strike up great conversations with their guests.

There are a bunch of vintage stores you can shop at and some great cuisine as well.

There are also three coffee stops with three different styles.

I was spending the day in Burbank not only for fun but for research. There were three coffee shops that I wanted to visit because I was thinking of opening my own.

I walked into The Palm Coffee Bar. There were beautiful plants around the coffee shop and friendly staff.

I recall asking the person at the counter if I could take a clipping from one of her plants. She ended up being the owner, Joanna Teresa Heart. I was a bit nervous to ask this but she was so okay with this. She said “of course,” but she doesn’t know how to cut clippings. She said “if you know how, then go for it.” She explained to me that plants belong to the world not just her. I didn’t take a clipping because I didn’t want to ruin the plant, but I said I would come back with my mom who is an expert.

I mentioned to Joanna that I would love to meet with her for some advice on opening up a business. Joanna was so open to this idea and encouraged me to set up an appointment with her.

I am a social butterfly but it can be really scary asking someone for something especially someone you don’t even know.

Joanna and I met up at her coffee shop. We talked for about a hour. I asked questions and she gave advice. She made me feel so comfortable. She even opened the door to future conversations and let me know I can reach out any time I want.

She was the first coffee shop owner I interviewed and she was the most encouraging.

I am grateful for everyone I interviewed but Joanna gave me hope. She told me to avoid negatively and to focus on those who are positive.

This women barely knew me yet she never felt like a stranger. She has this charm to her and this natural light in her. She makes you feel like you are two old friends catching up. I guess she is very personable and one of her gifts are being able to connect with people.

I would reach out to Joanna when I was scared, helpless or excited.

She was and is like a mentor.

At the end of all our conversations, she would always say “whatever you need let me know.” It was genuine and I felt it. That meant so much to me. You know like I felt her in my soul.

She wasn’t only there for me when I needed business advice but when I needed life advice. She helped me with my mental health.

Honestly, sometimes letting someone know you hear them and you get them goes a long way. She did that for me.

And you know what?

I felt better even if it was just for a moment.

She never made me feel like I was being bothersome, dramatic or stupid.

She was easy to talk too.

Joanna is a mommy to a toddler, a business owner, a wife and has a bunch of other projects.

She is a boss lady, yet she made room in her busy schedule to be there for me.

She inspires and motivates me.

Thank you Joanna. You have done so much for me and I am sure you don’t even realize it because you are selfless and you give so much to everyone like it’s your job.

Everyone go support The Palm Coffee Bar in Burbank, Ca. Support this boss lady but more than anything support this great human.

Joanna quotes below

“And stop beating yourself up for not being creative or not being whatever it’s not a time for that it’s a time for quiet and for listening and learning from the silence within ourselves. Don’t put the pressure to find some thing now, or to be on overdrive, on yourself. It will come organically I promise! Give yourself time!”

“You are young, smart, creative! You can not force life. You can only ebb & flow.”

“The second thing I would say is listen to Bob Marley, he’s right when he says that “worry is waste.” Also The Beatles “let it be,” Indigo Girls “Closer I am to fine.”



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