Judd Apatow, he has a unique last name like how I have a unique first name.

“Love,” a series by Judd Apatow was introduced to me when I had the opportunity to visit the Sony Studies lot to meet Judd. I was working with Barry Katz at the time and he had set up an interview with Judd and I came along. The Sony office had signs all over the place with the word “Love” on them.

Love, what a word full of so many different emotions. What is love to me? It is such a complicated answer.

“Love” showed up on Netflix a while later. My friend, Aaron mentioned that I should watch it. I was planning to but it had slipped my mind.

So, I watched “Love.”

I was introduced to the fucked up Mickey and the not so obvious fucked up Gus.

I have re-watched this show three times since it premiered back in 2016. There are some shows that I NEED to re-watch every couple of years and “Love” is one of them.

I just finished re-watching it and this time I wanted to watch it because I needed the inspiration to write my next series about the film industry.

First, I watched “Dawson’s Creek” (I know…lame) then I watched “Love.”

I wanted to be reminded of the passion I felt when I first wanted to get into the film industry because right now it is hard to connect to that person I was. Therefore, I am trying different methods to connect with my younger self.

Each time I re-watch certain shows, I get something new out of it.

“Love” lights up my soul. When I close my eyes, I see this light bulb amidst my organs start flickering.


Mickey, a fuck up, and Gus, a not obvious fuck up…and all the baggage they come with.

I relate to the characters in the show.

Season 1…we meet Mickey…who is in so much pain with herself. She is trying so hard to be better and do better. She is an addict but she has this beauty that you see in older films. She has been hurt by family, friends, and lovers. She has this hard exterior and she looks like a total badass. Yet, on the inside, all she wants is to do better. I am not an addict but fuck… I get it, Mickey. I get how your mind can be your own worst enemy. Her friends are sick of her shit, her lovers keep mentally abusing her and she keeps abusing herself.

My best friend said “I don’t like watching this show…it is too real… I want to watch something happy…not something that is making me sad.”

Don’t we need to see these things to understand what an addict is going through? So we can have compassion for others and their struggles?

Gus is a people pleaser and hates confrontation. He ruins his relationships because he says “I love you” way too much. He is clingy and everyone at his on-set tutor job makes fun of him. You feel for him as you watch him. He is trying so hard to fit in with these people that think they are “cool” or “better.”

I have to mention Bertie too. She is Mickey’s roommate who is as bright as sunshine. Unfortunately, she is a pushover. She is in a relationship with someone she doesn’t want to be with. Someone that she really shouldn’t be with but she stays because she doesn’t want to make him feel bad.

I connect to these fictional characters and something became clear to me after rewatching this show. We are all fucked up but there are those of us that lay our shit out and deal with it. But, there are some of us who instead cover up their shit because they are afraid of dealing with it. They are afraid of being uncomfortable and just ignore it.

I have been all of these people. I was the blunt person for most of my life and boy, did that make people uncomfortable.

Thank you Judd Apatow for bringing me “Love.” Oh, and I love the soundtrack, and whenever I listen to those songs it reminds me of the feeling I got from watching “Love.”
I enjoyed watching Mickey and Gus fall in love.

Honestly, these words that I just wrote only represent ten percent of what I am feeling. I wish I could hold your hand and pass my feelings to you. So you can feel it too and understand.

Love…what a powerful and overused word. Do we understand it? We just throw it around but do we actually understand it?

Love…say the word…what does it make you feel?

When I think of love..I feel…overwhelmed, helpless, hopeful, powerful, electrical, and so much more. It feels like lightning.

I cry when I watch “Love” because it shows the struggles of life. I am there with them. The show leaves me vulnerable. I will be Mickey and Gus age soon so it is even more relatable.

Do yourself a favor…go watch it. BTW a great sense of style and the art director did a hell of a job.




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