Can I just live my life as a cartoon ?

I have been reading this science fiction novel, Sea of Tranquility, by Emily St. John Mandel. I kept seeing this particular book on the internet and I decided to pick up the book and share it with some unreliable fellow book lovers.

Let me backtrack a little. A couple of years ago, I really wanted to start reading more and I thought an excellent way to accomplish this goal would be to start a book club. I wasn’t too keen on joining a book club therefore I decide to start my own with my friends. I thought it was an excellent excuse to hang out each month and we could hold each other accountable. Guess what? It didn’t last. My two friends that decided to join me were understandably busy with their lives. I will stay that I read Becoming, Malala, and The Giver of Stars. the last book that I read with the book club was Little Women but I never finished it. I am halfway through though. Still, one of my friends and I wanted to start it back up again once she finishes school in May. I also mentioned it to two of my coworkers and they purchased the book too! This was exciting for me! Guess what? I am the only one actually reading it. LOL, I am halfway through the book already and they have barely started! It’s okay. At least we’re all reading.

Anyways, the Sea of Tranquility. skips time throughout the novel. It starts in 1912, then jumps to 2020, then to 2203, and so on. I don’t want to spoil the book but it touched on time travel and the theory of simulation. I had no idea what simulation meant. Simulation is similar to virtual realty and that nothing actually real. This theme of time travel and simulation kept recurring in little ways throughout my week. First in the book, then I watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the whole film was about traveling multiverses. More over, I was thinking about the usage of social media in society. Social media and the internet have become this phenomenal. It controls so much of our daily lives and we rely on it heavily. I feel like I can’t keep up with all of it. When I use to have a YouTube channel, it was such a challenge to produce quality work consistently but trying to get a following was even harder. I mean there was all those “key word” that I was suppose to use and so on. It looks easy but it isn’t. There is this culture amongst those who use social media such as Tik Tok, Instagram and so on. I mean there is even this thing called a metaverse. I just heard about this today and I was not surprised by it. It is a virtual realty where anything you want is obtainable like the house of your dreams or Nike shoes. I thought to myself, has life become so utterly painful that we have chosen to immerse ourselves into a fictional world to feel satisfaction? Will we truly be satisfied or will it merely be just another thing to will the dephs of our hearts with for a while until we start to feel hollow again? It’s a lot. All of it and I can’t keep up.

What would my life in a virtual world? I would want a nice home with a big back yard for all of my pets including chickens, homing pigeons, turkeys and some other farm animals. I’d want to direct films but only ones I am passionate about. I’d want to write and present my work to an audience in a performance style. I would like to have my own successful business too! My family and friends would be around and I’d have dinners with people I look up to and we would have these meaningful conversation about life. I would have the Quran memorized and I would be able to provide for my family. I would have successful charity programs for women, and animals. I would always look flawless! Wow…I’m going to go find this virtual world now! Lol




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