Nothing seems fitting enough to post after this week’s tragic events. I am just so sad for the children that passed away.

As a school teacher, I constantly feel anxious about the possibility of a dangerous person on campus. I keep my doors locked from the outside and I have gone over with my kindergarten students the possibility of a gunman. The questions they ask are sad. Today, they asked me as we sat in the classroom doing a school-wide lockdown drill, “are we going to get shot” or “are we going to die?” I kept explaining it was only practice, which led to not taking the drill seriously. This is also bad because they need to understand that this is possible.

It is just horrible. I have this dreadful fear of going anywhere. I am on high alert at the grocery store, both my jobs and the gas station. I am constantly worried about my loved ones. I avoid crowded areas if I can and yet, I don’t think any of this is enough.

I just keep seeing the children’s faces who passed away. It hurts so much. This throbbing in my heart.

May God protect us all. May God be with the grieving families.



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