Hi Readers,

These cold mornings have been challenging. It is so hard to get up and go to work. My home is so cold and I am not a cold morning kind of gal. The cold makes me lazy. I just want to stay in bed and sleep. My appetite changes too. I want warm comfort foods like hearty soups, pasta, and hot chocolate. Guess what though? I haven’t slept in and I haven’t had comfort food. I have been waking up early to head to work. Before the cold mornings, I would wake up early to take a walk with my mom. I would be proud of my steps and my discipline of waking up early everyday to take care of me. Not anymore. It is to cold. I rather sleep. Guess what else? I can’t have comfort foods because my genius self started the WHOLE 30 diet consists of proteins, veggies, fruit and nuts. That’s it. I have been waking up craving my mom’s hot milk tea. I grew up with her making it. It’s called shir chai or milk tea. Instead I drink a cup of black tea or coffee. I will say that I found a complaint whole 30 creamer which really makes the coffee taste delicious. I drink it on my way to work while listening to the radio. I like to list to 89.3. It’s a news channel and I actually have always enjoyed listening to the news. I take after my dad. Every morning around 5am, my dad puts on his ear pieces and listens to news on the radio. He listens to the Persian news since its in a language he is more comfortable with. When I was in grade school, every morning, I would ask my dad if the news announced the weather for the day. That way I could dress accordingly. 89.3 cover news from all over the country. They like to highlight certain topics too. Brrr…cold mornings.



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