Good Evening. Welcome to my blog. Today I am going to be sticking up for a certain type of animal that never gets any respect. They are called dirty and all sorts of rude names and I have had enough. God has brought all these animals into the world for a reason. There is a vicious cycle that the world going through in order to keep it going with the way it is suppose to be. Every animal has their own special spot on this Earth including pigeons. Yes, I said it. PIGEONS.

Every time I mention to anyone that I own homing pigeons, they make me feel like I am doing something wrong. “Why do you keep street birds as pigeons,” or “ew those are dirty birds.”

Let me tell you something…pigeons are beautiful. I have had homing pigeons since I was a little girl. Family generations before me have had homing pigeons even back in Afghanistan.

My earliest memory of my birds is letting them go to fly with my two older brothers. My brothers built three house for the birds. One house was for breeding, one was for a certain type of breed…I think they called them the Armenian birds and one was for the racers. And, we loved all of them equally.

I remember opening the door for the racers and they would fly high into the sky. They would fly in a circle for a while and they would go up so high that I could barely see them. I would hold up a big long thin stick with a cloth tied to the end and I would wave it in the air. This would tell the birds to keep flying and to go higher.

Eventually, they would come back down for water and food and then back into their coop for bedtime. They were trained birds with different colors and breeds. Beautiful red, gold, white, and black pigeons. We would let them go from far away places and they would find their way back home. They are literally genius. My brother would give a bird to my cousin and the bird would escape and come back home. They know where their home is and they know who their owners are.

When the males are trying to pick up a female…they circle around the female doing a mating dance. They puff up their chest and make the most adorable cooing sounds.

They take baths too and love to sun bathe. Sometimes they fight over nesting areas because they are very territorial. When they have an egg, the parents take turns sitting on the egg. They raise it together and share the burden.

Homing pigeons are special. They even smell amazing.

Birds of any breed including chickens are my favorite.

So next time you want to make a mean comment about a pigeon, think again.

😉 ~Frshta

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