When I think of New Zealand, I think of the wonderful world of Tolkien. The Hobbit series and of course Lord of the Rings as well as all the other novels about middle earth. But, today, when I say New Zealand, I picture beautiful green mountain but death all around.

The terrorist act in New Zealand against the Muslims people is atrocious. The terrorist even recorded himself doing it. A lot of Muslims believe that those murdered in the mosque will be going to heaven. This gives a lot of Muslims a piece of mind or I guess comfort.

What is aggravating to me is that so little people are talking about this incident. Mostly, Muslims are talking about it…why? When an attack like this happens everyone should be giving their support but are Muslims less important because they are Muslim? It should not matter because we are all HUMAN. Humans. For the sake of humanity we must stand together. It hurts me that so little support is being given.

Last night I worked at my serving job and my last customer was an older white man. He has dined in many times but for some reason tonight he was talking a lot. He brought up topics like the admissions scandal, sexual harassment and the wall being built. He asked me about Bernie Sanders and Trump and I was not very comfortable.

I told him that the admissions scandal is horrible and I am not surprised and I hope something is done. He said, “oh that stuff is as old as the bible.” I said, “that doesn’t mean its right.” He said, “a lot of things aren’t right in the world.” He kept repeating this about every issue including women being harassed in the industry. He was like, “how do you think all these women become celebrities.” He kept going on and on and I was disgusted. I mentioned that I am an immigrant and a Muslim and then he started talking about how illegal immigrants shouldn’t be coming to America.

He disturbed me. He was so open about his thoughts and to each their own but how can you say that sexually harassing a women is as old as the bible and basically saying that is the way it is. HOW.

After the New Zealand attacks, I thought about this man. He knows my religion and where I work. What if he tries to hurt me? Maybe not but fear has definitely been installed in me. I told my parents not to go to mosque today. I feel guilt for this because we should not skip a day of worship because we are afraid to die. Death isn’t suppose to be scary.

Stay safe everyone. Help each other. Look past the faults. Were all human.

Allah is Great

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