It is such a beautiful day today.

I woke up feeling sleepy but happy.

My period is close. My PMS has started physically and I think it has started mentally but I am not sure.

I questioned why I woke up in such a good mood. Is it my PMS? or am I really happy? I know. That is pathetic. Why question happiness? Maybe because it is a strange feeling for me. I feel like I am causing myself to become sad but I don’t know at all. My feelings are all over the place.

I heard my mother chewing on a rice cake and it started to pinch a nerve. I told myself to relax.

I wanted to talk about my goals today but I feel like the inspiration has passed but I will try to recapture my thoughts.


Learn Japanese,

Learn to Draw and Paint

Learn the Piano

Go to Japan


Keep working out! Wake up for that 6am training class.

Hike once a week.

Keep reading. Keep the book club going

Quit my serving job

Find an adjunct professor position

Eat good healthy food

Try new restaurants

Go to the movies, I love it.

Work on your spiritual health.

Take fun pictures so when you get old you can remember your youth.

Try to get involved in theater again.

Love your pets.

Be good to my loved ones.

Maintain healthy relationships with friends

Learn to control your stress.

You can’t change anything you don’t have control over so let it go.

Don’t overthink.

Be happy.


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