So your an English major? You must be so good at English.

I hear this all the time.

I decided to get my Masters degree in English because my English isn’t the best.

I write the way I talk. I ramble and occasionally, my sentences don’t make sense.

I have had a few experiences where my lacking in English really effected my job. They wanted more and I just wasn’t cutting it.

The sad part is that I enjoy writing but I have always been told I suck at it.

Now when people hear that I am an English major…they assume that I am some type of linguist. Boy will they be disappointed. I sure you can tell from this blog that I am just a normal gal. I have typos and not the best structured sentences but this is a start to becoming a better writer.

I was really behind in graduate school when I first started. I was extremely nervous during my first semester because everyone seemed so sure of themselves.

All these writers were talking about classic authors and theorist and I was completely lost.

Whose Hegel? LOL

The students would say how they would write every single day and have all these ideas. I barely ever wrote anything because I thought I wasn’t good at it.

But, I fucking learned who Hegel and Foucault were.

And I worked hard on my twenty page papers. I started writing the paper as soon as I received the assignment because I knew that I needed to work harder than others. I went to my professors office hours, which I never did as an undergraduate. And I wrote a lot of papers that I was proud of. I learned to edit my papers.

I even started my graphic memoir. Another reason I started graduate school was because I have always wanted to write a novel but I didn’t know how. The skills I have obtained helped me create the first forty pages of my memoir. I have a long way to go though.

One of my favorite papers was about poetry and urban legends.

Oh and the irony of all of this is that I was accepted as a teachers associate. I was teaching college freshmen how to write all on my own. I know. That is wild. Like how does that even happen?

I think I was a good teacher because I have struggled so much with writing that I was able to see what a student need help with.

I am in the honor roll. My G.P.A is a 3.98.

I have learned so much and I know CSUN isn’t Ivy League school and people always talk shit about CSUN but I enjoyed my time in this program. Good teachers are present everywhere.

Honestly I had such a good time in graduate school way more than undergrad.

I have been thinking about going for an MFA, but I am not sure.

Some times I feel like I am going to school just because I don’t know anything else.

Oh and I was a creative writing emphasis in my program.

The cherry on top is a lot of places didn’t accept me for jobs because I am officially overqualified for having a Masters degree.

I take pride in where I have come from and what I have accomplished. The fact that I am being put down for it is absurd but it’s okay. Those places were just not meant for me. I have never been a person that had things handed to them. Again, my parents never checked my homework because they didn’t know English. So if your like me, an underdog, keep going. You can do it. You just need to do it.

Happy Friday. If you are actually reading my blogs, thank you. It means so much. Leave a comment or click the like button because it really does make my day.


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