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It was a busy Friday night and I was the closing server at work.

A party of two walked towards table eleven, which was in my section for the evening.

I walked over and placed two beverage napkins onto the checked table cloth.

I introduced myself.

Immediately, the women asked for napkins because the table was a little wet from being wiped down. I walked away to fetch the napkins, the fake smile had left my face.

Why can’t they let me get through my introductions? It is my job.

I walked back with an impatient smile.

To my surprise, the couple mentioned that I had waited on them the last they were here.

I started to recollect my memories from my previous experience with these folks.

They weren’t that bad, so my tone softened automatically.

The gentlemen said “You look just like Secretary, Cindy. You have the same personality. Always smiling and full of energy. “

I smiled and thanked him.

The lady ordered ravioli and cheese while the gentleman ordered spaghetti marinara. For drinks, they wanted soda water from the tap. I noticed that they were fast drinkers so I brought them a craft of it.

They were towards the end of their meal when I walked over and asked if they were in the mood for dessert. I mentioned that the Apple Crumble ala mode is my favorite. Instead of answering the question about the dessert, the gentleman asked me a question.

“What do you want to do when you are grown up?

I thought…hmmm… odd question but I said, “I am grown up. I will be twenty-seven next month, but if you’re asking what I want to do for a career, I am not sure anymore.”

I gave him a short version of my experiences but he kept cutting me off. He didn’t seem interested in what I had to say. I finished off by saying “I had a mental break down and I am not sure where I am headed anymore.”

Then he asked me if I had two minutes to spare. I said sure.

He started to tell me about how he came to America when he was fifteen years old. He received a Bachelors degree in Criminology but could not find a job as much as he tried. No opportunity.

He had a mental breakdown in his late 20s and he was lost.

One of his friends recommended he starts a career in insurance. He decided to try it because he loved to talk to people and it might be good for him.

He ended up loving it.

He recommends that I start a career in insurance because I am a people person and I will make a lot of money. The fact that I speak multi-languages is also a big help. He mentioned how much he enjoyed my personality and how it would be perfect for this type of business.

My heart sank. Thank you for the compliment I thought but insurance is going to be my future?

There is nothing wrong with insurance but I don’t want that for myself.

He mentioned that since I have experience in teaching that I would be at great at explaining insurance.

I don’t.

I tried not to let it get to me.


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