I want to begin this post by mentioning to my audience the importance of an open mind because this story is a little different.

Next, this is based on a true story.

The incident took place in Simi Valley, which is known for its haunting history. Watch Poltergeist. LOL

It has been a windy week in Los Angeles. In the night, the whistling of the wind keeps you up at night. The tree branches scratch violently against the walls of my home. You can hear the wind whistling in the quietness of the night.

I lay in bed letting my mind wander to the frightening story I just heard from my brother. A distant meow stops my wandering mind. I peer through my curtains and I see my scared cat, Marshmallow, standing by the front door. I am exhausted but I get up and drag my feet to the front door. I opened the door and the wind hits me hard. It almost knocks me back. I open the front gate and let Marshmallow in. Quickly, I shut the front gate and lock it.

I creep back to my bedroom trying not to wake anyone else up.

Laying down with the covers pulled over me, I think back to the mysterious story I just heard not more than an hour ago.

My second oldest brother, Omar, walked through the door and headed towards the kitchen. He pulled out kosher sausage from the fridge along with an onion and a tomato. He turned on the stove and stuck a fork in the Weiner. He held it over the stove and turned it over when it was getting too burnt.

I was already in my pajamas when I walked into the kitchen to say hello.

We sat down at the kitchen table and he kept pushing me to eat with him but I refused. I had just brushed my teeth and no way did I want to brush them again.

As he dived into his late night meal, Omar asked me if I wanted to hear a scary story. He looked slightly frightened when he asked me. I could tell he really wanted to share it with someone. It is like that feeling when you find out something juicy and you need to tell someone.

I said sure.

Omar said, “My friend just stopped by my business looking sleep deprived and nervous. His friend explained that the night before he had one drink but his wife did not approve so he kicked him out of the house and into the garage.

So he opened up the garage door slightly for some fresh air but not all the way. He pulled out a bottle of alcohol. He was already in trouble so might as well enjoy the bottle. He laid on the couch in the garage when he noticed little feet running past his garage back and forth. He sat up and thought about his neighbors. None of them had kids. He texted his wife to look out the window from the third floor to see what’s there. His wife called him a drunk but looked down.

Immediately, she rushed downstairs and hit the switch to shut the garage door. She ushered her husband back into her house and locked the garage door and pushed a couch in front of the door to make it extra secure.

They rushed to the third floor and looked out the window.

What they saw could not be explained.

Little people. Almost ten of them. Sniffing the garage. After a couple of minutes, they ran and jumped the wall that leads towards the mountains.”

I chuckled but he didn’t.

“My friend wouldn’t lie about this. He is not the type.”

My mom happens to walk in a couple of minutes later. He retold the story to her.

My mom came in with her wisdom and experience.

She said, “Those are djinn. They have come for him. Your friend sins a lot. He is not faithful to his wife and he is always drunk. So they have come for him. Tell him to be careful. They will possess him.”

My mother is a woman from Afghanistan. She has grown up seeing things that I could never imagine. I believe her. My mother isn’t the type to lie or be deceitful. She is honest and honorable.

Djinn are demons. Muslims believe that Djinn live among-st humans but of course we can’t see them. There is also a whole science about it if you want to learn more.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Ta Ta for now.


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