Tonight, one of my long time customers at my serving job told me a strange story.

Dow and Lisa come to my job at least once a month. We have a strong bond. They even text me occasionally.

I tell them my sob story about my career and they tell me that Michelle, their daughter, is having similar life issues. The conversation shifted a little tonight. I was telling a story about how I heard a friend of mine calling my name in her mind and not actually out loud. Does that make sense? In her head she was saying “frshta” and I said “yes” out loud.

Dow chimed in with his own story. A much younger Dow was getting something shipped. The man helping him started writing Dow’s address on the package. Dow looked confused. How does this person know my address when I haven’t told him or even given him any identification? Mind you, they don’t each other or anything like that.

Dow asks, “how do you know my address?”

The guy said, “what do you mean? You just gave it to me.”

Dow said, “No, I didn’t. I was thinking of my address but I didn’t actually give it to you.You read my mind.”

The man looked at Dow and slammed the clip board and walked off. Dow stood there confused. He had no idea what he did wrong. The man came back a couple of minutes later and apologize to Dow for his behavior. He explained that this happens to him all the time and he doesn’t know how to stop it.

Dow said, ” You know what I think…you need to go to Vegas man!”

They laughed.

Honestly, that is how Dow is. He has a joke for everything.

Anyone else have experiences like this?


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