Imagine a cozy bakery.

The bakery has square wooden tables and a few round ones too.

There is a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Big windows that let the light in or big windows that you can watch the rain from.

The chairs are comfy. Big enough to sit crisscross on.

Aesthetically pleasing.

Deliciously fresh brewed coffee or herbal tea.

Paired along with a freshly baked pastry.

The chefs are happy to be there.

The server is happy to serve.

The restrooms are clean.

The tables are clean.

It feels crisp.

A green plant hangs from the ceiling.

The vines have spread around the cafe.

The music is light and old school.

It isn’t overbearing instead it plays subtly in the background.

You bring a book or a laptop and spend a morning getting work done in a positive environment.

No one is rushing you out. They are happy you are there.

It feels peaceful.

Do you have a place like this that you go to? I would love it if you share.

I don’t have a place like this. Hopefully, someday I will.


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