If love was worth a dollar amount would you save up your pennies to purchase it?

Would you think twice before you purchased an expensive car or unnecessary shoes?

What would the world be like if love had a price tag?

It can go deeper than that.

Quality of the love makes it more expensive.

The amount of time you have with love would cost you.

And I am not talking about intimacy.

I am talking about the feeling.

The feeling to love someone.

Is it possible to live without love?

People love everyday.

We love our food. We love our families. We love our pets.

But, what if that was taken away?

I can imagine a world without it.

There would be kindness but no love.

Would we be like robots?

We can feel everything else..happiness…sadness..kindness…good and evil…but no love.

In today’s world, the term love is used so loosely. Everyone loves everything.

Love is free but it is treated with no respect.

But, what would they do if they had to go a day without it?


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