A year ago, I was on my second semester of graduate school. I was taking a teaching course that would help me prepare for teaching a class at my university. At the end of the semester, our professor had us write a letter to ourselves. She mailed it to me this past week. A year later. Here it is.


Dear Frshta,

This has been a tough semester. You took four classes and you need to get As in all of them. Your personal life was a lovely mess as well. Life. You have gone so far yet you are still confused. This year you did your best not to procrastinate. You created progressions and lesson plans for the class your going to be teaching. In the future, I promise to wake up early for my 8am class that I will be teaching. I promise to enjoy the experience and help my students the best way I can. Don’t overwhelm yourself darling because life is short. Don’t let anxiety take over. As a writer, keep writing. Finish that novel. Finish telling the story that you came to grad school to tell. Finish it. Please. Stop doubting yourself. Just do it. As a student, keep your grades up, talk to your classmates, go to office hours. I know you don’t know what the hell your going to do after grad school but Allah is there. Allah has your back and don’t loose your faith. Just keep pushing. Life goals: convince my family that love is life, finish the novel, direct a short, apply to UCLA PHD program even though you don’t think your good enough. Final goal: be happy =).

P.S Keep drawing & painting



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