I have spend the last week coughing up mucus and fighting fevers along with fasting for Ramadan. I shouldn’t have fasted if I was ill but I wanted too. I felt like I could handle it. Today, the sickness got the best of me. I had a fever most of the day and it was difficult to function. I kept Allah in my heart and kept asking God to help me make it till its time to break fast. It worked and I made it.

It has been a long month. We have one week left before we can go back to our normal lives. Right after Ramadan, we celebrate for three day, its called Eid. It is basically our Christmas. Its tradition to go visit family and wear new gifts. Adults are suppose to give the kids money.

My birthday is that same week but I don’t really feel like doing anything this year for my twenty-seventh birthday even though I love birthdays. I am not sure why. I am not in the most festive mood.

Throughout Ramadan, I have spent a lot of time pondering about my life. Throughout the month I read the book, Malala, as well. The book made me cry quite a few times and made me feel like a spoiled brat. I complain so much but at the end of the die..my life is not bad at all. There are people in other countries that are dying every single day. They have no food or clean water. There families have been killed and they have no shelter. There are on the hunt for survival. They are worried about what their next meal is going to be.

I feel small. My problems are nothing compared to the rest of the world. It is heartbreaking.

Being sick all week and hungry… made me appreciate being healthy. We take health for granted but as soon as its taken away..we want it back. We pray for it to come back. I have been very conscious of my health this month and I am so thankful to Allah for giving me good health and my loved ones good health.

Anyways, Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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