Yesterday was an emotional day for me.

I felt Allah with me throughout the day.

My day consisted of highs and lows.

God was with me throughout all of these moments.

There were moments where I felt so incredibly weak. I kept praying to Allah to please help me.

There was confirmation that Allah was listening to me.

Allah doesn’t answer us immediately, but this time God did address my situation immediately. I am not sure why this time.

But, as soon as it happened, I felt this powerful energy throughout my body. I don’t know how to describe it. Its like the feeling of love. You can’t see love but you feel it in your heart. That how this connection with God felt. Throughout Ramadan, I prayed to God to please help me with my devotion. I had been struggling with my connection with Allah. It would pain me when I didn’t feel Allah with me. What was wrong with me? Was I way to lost? Have I been forsaken?

No, because Allah always forgives us. The door to redemption is never closed. Allah is always with us.

Yesterday, my connection with Allah was so powerful that I feel drained from its high. A high like no other.

I am grateful.

I have so much on my mind. But, I am trying my best to leave it to Allah.

I know that there is no point in pondering about the unknown. I leave it to Allah. I will try my best to not let the enemy into my mind. I will block it out with prayers.

I truly believe with prayer their will be guidance.

So I end this post with a prayer.

Bismillah Rahmani Rahim.

Ya Allah, I pray first for iman (faith) for myself and my loved one. Ya Allah when I say loved ones I mean all those that are close to my heart. Family..friends..etc. After faith Allah, I pray for good health for all of us. After healthy, I pray for happiness and peace. Ya Allah, protect us from this worlds sorrows. Guide us and keep us on the straight path. Ease our troubles Allah and let us not follow the path of wrong doing. Allah I pray for all those in the world struggling. Please God ease their troubles. Ya Allah have mercy on our souls.

Ya Allah please help me in my faith. I struggle with anxiety and depression. Allah, stay with me so I can faith this disease.

Please give me the strength to keep going.

Allah Akbar.



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