Dear God,

My name is Frshta but I know you already know this.

God I know I have sinned. I know that I don’t pray five times a day or cover up like I should.

But, God I ask for your forgiveness.

I ask for you to bring my heart closer to you. Give me the strongest faith that a mountain can’t break me down. When the world hands be sorrows, Allah give me the faith to keep standing tall without being knocked down. Don’t let my faith shatter. For too long my faith has with in pieces. Every day I try to pick up the pieces. But, the more I know, the more I realize that I don’t know anything.

Allah, protect those close to my heart. Give us all faith first, then health and then happiness.

Allah, protect those who are living in fear of their lives. There is so much war in the world, ya Allah help the innocent. Help all the people in the world. Show us the way. Guide us. Give us faith. Let us follow your way of life. Let us feel you in our hearts and in our bones. Ya Allah give us peace. Keep depression and sadness away from our hearts.

Help us with our troubles. Don’t leave our side.

Please help me help the world. Give me the strength to look past the materialistic pleasures of life but instead help others in need.

Ya Allah guide me.


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