Dear Tracy,

When I think of you… I remember a pony tail and your nose in a book sitting in H building at our high school, You were shy to others but you always talked my ears off…you still do. We had P.E. together and History.

We were never best friends in high school but we were good friends. I remember coming to visit you during lunch time and you would always sit at the same table reading a book.

It was your birthday in July and I wanted to post a birthday post for you but I just didn’t have the mental strength to write anything. But, you were on my mind.

We have had so many fall outs that I can’t even keep track. We have spoken about our fall outs and arguments so many times. I am not sure why we had these issues with one another. Maybe we just cared to much? Maybe we just loved one another a lot and we desperately needed each other to understand but we were to stubborn to be understanding.

You have taught me a lot about friendship and to be honest I can’t believe we are still friends but I’m glad we are. I am not sure what the future holds but I hope we are able to grow and pull through. Now when we look back at our old fights, we both laugh so hard.

I like where we are now. I mean you could be a better listener but overall. LOL

One of my fondest memories of you is when we would sit at Coffee Bean when the general manager was Michael LOL and we would try to get our homework done but we would spend ours talking about God knows what. Those were dark days for me. That was the year of 2013. One of the worst years of my life but when I think back on those days….I remember our nights at the coffee bean. I remember trying sushi with you for the first time. I remember sharing a red velvet cupcake and you obsessing over the Winter tea lol. I also remember having Aaron tag along occasionally and just listening to you two bicker for a couple of hours. I don’t know..I had such a good time with you. You really did brighten up my life during the darkest time and I am grateful.

Happy 27th Birthday.

P.S sweaty hands



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