Hey Mario..it’s Luigi…remember all those times I kicked your ass during the the POW battles? Remember how I killed you ever time I hit POW and then those spiky things would turn blue and go ultra fast? Good times. Or remember when you would become greedy and try to take all the coins or how about when you would turn gold and turn everything to gold? Greedy. I still can’t believe you stole all my lives after you kept getting GAME OVER and CONTINUES throughout the entire game. I NEVER even got one. Oh, and you kept loosing yoshi…that was horrible. And when it came time to kick bowser’s butt…you chickened out and fell in the lava. WTF man…Or how about when you decided to turn us into humans and make that lame live action version of us that no one liked!

Well, buddy old pal…Happy birthday. I know the rest of the world prefers me, Luigi, even Princess Peach…but that doesn’t matter..because I love you and that’s whats important.



P.S. my mustache is way better than yours.

P.S.S Hope this made you smile. Happy Birthday!!


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